Dr. Nils Lonberg, PhD, Senior VP, Oncology Discovery Biology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr. Chris Chen, PhD, CEO,WuXi Biologics
Dr. Sylvaine Cases, PhD, Vice President, Oncology Scientific Innovation, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Dr. Li Zhu, Chief Strategy Officer, Nanjing Legend Biotech and GenScript Biotechnology, Nanjing, China
Dr. Deborah Charych, PhD, Executive Director, Nektar Therapeutics
Dr. Dan Zhang, MD, MA, MPH, Chairman, Fountain Medical Development (FMD)
Dr. Guoliang Yu, PhD, Executive Chairman, Crown Bioscience; Venture Partner, OrbiMed Venture
Dr. Yuling Luo, PhD, Founder, Chairman, and CEO Alamar Biosciences
Dr. Scott Liu, PhD, President and CEO, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc.
Mr. Yiding(Mike)Chen, Founder and CEO, ACROBiosystems
Dr. Janet Xiao, PhD, JD, Partner, Co-chair, Global Life Sciences Group, Morrison & Foerster
Dr. Li Feng, PhD, Partner, Finnegan
Ms. Wilson Lee, Director, Sino-Singapore (Chengdu) Innovation Park Development
Dr. Daniel Pierce, PhD, Senior Director of Translational Medicine, Celgene
Dr. Kenneth Fong, PhD, Chairman, Kenson Ventures
Dr. Qingcong Lin, PhD, CEO, BioCytogen
Mr. Tao Chen, Co-founder and CEO, Paragon Genomics
Dr. Xueheng (Shawn) Cheng, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Viva Biotech Ltd.
Dr. John Ning, MD, PhD, Clinical Consultant in Clinical Science and Product Development Oncology for Genentech
Dr. Jimmy Zhang, PhD, MBA, Venture Partner, Lilly Asia Ventures
Dr. Cheni Kwok, PhD, CLP, Managing Partner & Founder, Linear Dreams
Dr. Steven X. Cui, PhD, JD, Owner, TransPac IP
Dr. Huijun Zhou, PhD, Founder and CEO, iDNA
Ms. Grace Xu, MBA, Chairperson, Dendreon; Senior Vice President, Sanpower Group
Dr. Liyu Wu, PhD, Senior Director, US Pharmaceutical Business Development and Project Management, Novogene
Dr. Brooke Rock, PhD, Principal Scientist, Amgen
Dr. Rufus Pichler, JD, Partner, Morrison & Foerster
Dr. Jingrong Li, PhD, VP of CMC/Manufacturing, CStone (Suzhou) Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Rajeev Dadoo, PhD, MBA, Partner, SR One
Ms. Angela Rusakova, Master of Economics, Partner, Deloitte & Touche
Mr. Xiao-Jun Ma, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Advanced Cell Diagnostics
Dr. Nelson Lin, PhD, Director, Global Commercial Development, AbbVie