Theme: Resilience and Ingenuity — Embracing Opportunities in a New Normal

8:50 AM -– 8:55 AM Welcome Remarks (Virtual)
Yuying (Kate) You, PhD, JD, President-elect of CABS and Chair of Organizing Committee of 2022 BioPacific Conference
8:55 AM –- 9:00 AM State of the Society
Carrie Wang, MD, President of CABS
Morning Session 1 -Session Chair: Hesong Sun, PhD
9: 00 AM –- 9:35 AM Keynote: Genentech’s Approach to Small Molecule Drug Discovery: Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities
Dan Sutherlin, PhD, SVP, Small Molecule Discovery Chemistry, Genentech
9: 35 AM –- 10:05 AM Cancer Fitness Genes: Emerging Therapeutics Targets for Metastatic Cancers
Yibin Kang, PhD, Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor, Princeton University
10:05 AM –- 10:15 AM CABS K. Fong Award in Life
Presenter: Kenneth Fong, PhD, Chairman, Kenson Ventures
Awardee: Scott Liu, PhD, Founder and CEO, Hanchor Bio Inc. (Co-Founder and former CEO, Henlius)
10:15 AM –- 10:35 AM Navigating New Territory in Immuno-Oncology through the Development of Multi Functional Fc-Based Designer Biologics
Scott Liu, PhD, Founder and CEO, Hanchor Bio Inc. (Co-Founder and former CEO, Henlius)
10:35 AM-10:50 AM – 1st Coffee Break
Morning Session 2 – Session Chair: Guanghui Han, PhD
10:50 AM –- 11:30 AM Fireside Chat: The Birth and Growth of Turning Point Therapeutics — Founders’ Prospective
Moderator: Kenneth Fong, PhD, Chairman, Kenson Ventures
Speakers: Yishan (Peter) Li, PhD, MBA, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Blossom Hill Therapeutics, Inc.; Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman (10.2013-10.2018), Turning Point Therapeutics, Inc. J. Jean Cui, PhD, Co-Founder, President/CEO, Blossom Hill Therapeutics, Inc.; Co-Founder, CSO (10.2013-1.2020), Director, Turning Point Therapeutics, Inc.; Lead inventor of
Crizotinib, Lorlatinib, Repotrectinib, Elzovantinib (TPX-0022), TPX-0046, TPX-0131.
11:30 AM –- 12:10 PM Panel Discussion: Healthcare Investment Trends and Strategies
Moderator: Ella Mengyao Li, PhD, CEO, Hanhai Biolabs
Panelists: Orrin Ailloni-Charas, MD, MBA, Founder and Managing Partner, Cura Capital Neil J. Littman, MSc, Founder, Bioverge Venture Cheni Kwok, PhD, CLP, Managing Partner & Founder, Linear Dreams
12:10 PM — 1:15 PM-Lunch Break
Noon Sessions: “Enabling Solutions for Drug Discovery: from Start to Approval”
Concurrent Session A (in Room Synergy 1). Chair: Yanan Wang, PhD
12:20 PM –- 12:35 PM Leveraging Innovative Processes and Manufacturing to Accelerate the Quality Development of Advanced Cell and Gene Therapeutics
YangZhou Wang, PhD, CEO, Porton Advanced Solutions
12:35 PM –- 12:45 PM End-to-end Drug Discovery Solutions
Connie Sun, PhD, SVP, Global Head of BD, Small Molecules, Pharmaron
12:45 PM –- 12:55 PM Pharmaron Clinical – An Integrated Global Clinical Service Platform
Charles Li, VP, Business Development, Pharmaron
12:55 PM -– 01:10 PM Selection of Raw Materials for Cell & Gene Therapy
Tracy Zhao, Sr. Field Application Scientist, ACROBiosystems
Concurrent Session B (in Room Synergy 5). Chair: Vivian Liu, PhD
12:20 PM –- 12:30 PM Next-Generation DMSO- & Serum-Free Cryopreservation for Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Processing
Xiaoxi Wei, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, X-Therma
12:30 PM –- 12:40 PM Accelerating Molecules to Market
Min Park, MBA, Chief Business Officer, Aton Biotech – A Henlius Company
12:40 PM –- 12:50 PM Drug Safety: The Concept, Inception, and Its Importance
Michael Zhao, Q Bay Boston Partner, Q Bay
12:50 PM -– 01:00 PM A New Era for Biotech Founders
Jian Jiang, PhD & Linda Zhou, Partners, K&L Gates
01:00 PM -– 01:10 PM Biortus, from Gene to Lead: Your Partner in Drug Discovery
lean Chai, Associate Director, Business Development, Biortus
Afternoon Session 1 – Session Chair: Zhiyong Yang, PhD
1:15 PM –- 1:50 PM Keynote: Structural Biology in the Era of Single Particle Cryo-
Yifan Cheng, PhD, Professor, HHMI Investigator, UCSF
1:50 PM –- 2:10 PM Keynote: A Day in the Life of a Medicinal Chemist – Discovery of Sotorasib
Jennifer Allen, PhD, Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Amgen
2:10 PM –- 2:45 PM Panel Discussion: Surviving the Valley of Death in Drug Discovery with the Right Mice in 2:45 PM a Good Incubator

Moderator: Yan Wang, PhD, Director, Peptide Chemistry, ChemPartner
Panelists: James Jin, PhD, Vice President, Biocytogen Ray Chen, PhD, President of Life Science Group, GenScript Yifu Liu, Executive Director, JJLake Accelerator

2:45 PM – 3:00 PM – 2nd Coffee Break
Afternoon Session 2 – Session Chair: Xi Fang, PhD
3:00 PM –- 3:30 PM Emerging Technology Program (Virtual)
Anjali Shukla, PhD, Team Lead, Office of Biotechnology Products, FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
3:30 PM –- 4:00 PM Partnerships to Build Resilience and Accelerate Innovation
Amit Mehta, PhD, Vice President and the Head of Business Development, Genentech
4:00 PM –- 4:35 PM Panel Discussion: Al in Pharma and Life Sciences
Moderator: Yang Shao, PhD, Director of Production Operations, Curia Bio
Panelists: Michelle Chen, PhD, Chief Business Officer, Insilico Medicine Abraham Heifets, PhD, CEO, Atomwise
Hogene Choi, JD, Partner, Morrison Foerster LLP
4:35 PM –- 4:40 PM Day Program Closing Remarks & Introduction of Night Program
Jessica Sun, PhD, Vice Chair of Organizing Committee of 2022 BioPacific Conference
4:40 PM – Day Program Adjourned

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