Ron Mazumder, PhD, VP, Global Head of Oncology Biomarker.
Keynote: Biomakers and Translational Research in Cancer Therapy
Jason Liu, PhD, MBA, CEO, WuXi Diagnostics.
New Diagnostics Ecosystem to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Medical Innovation
John V. Oyler, Founder, CEO and Chairman
CABS 2019 K. Fong Awardee Speech. The Future of the Biopharma Industry: Innovation Beyond Science
Romas Geleziunas, PhD, Executive Director, Biology
Designing Therapies to Cure HIV
Joseph Benkert, Senior Advisor, National Security Group.
Key Developments: CFIUS, Export Control Reform, and Recent Decisions Affectiong Life Sciences Investment and Licensing
Zachary Sweeney, PhD, Head of Therapeutic Discovery.
New Approaches To Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Discovery and Development
Shivaani Kummar, MD, Professor of Medicine.
Applying Precision Medicine One Patient at a Time
Leonard Post, PhD, CSO.
Talazoparib: From Virtual Drug Discovery to FDA Approval
and more