To bring scientists, executives and other biopharmaceutical professionals from the Pacific Rim countries together to discuss the latest advances in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical world, the unprecedented challenges and promises facing the industry, and the breathtaking developments and opportunities in Asia/Pacific countries.

About BioPacific Conference



BioPacific Conference 2017 (aka 19th Annual Conference of CABS, Chinese- American BioPharmaceutical Society), will be held on June 24th, 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area at San Mateo Marriott, 1770 South Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA. This full-day event is expected to attract over 500 attendees of life science professionals from the great San Francisco Bay Area.

Date and Time: June 24th, Saturday, 2017, 8:00AM-6:00PM

Location:San Mateo Marriott, 1770 South Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94402
The theme of the BioPacific Conference 2017 will be “Leading the New Wave of Life Sciences Innovation– Technology, Policy, and Investment Trends across the Pacific Rim”

Our meeting will showcase:
Edgar Engleman Dr. Yingxiang Wang Co-Founder, President, and CSO Zhejiang Beta Pharmaceuticals
Edgar Engleman Dr. Edgar Engleman Managing Partner Vivo Capital
Atul Butte Dr. Atul Butte Director, Institute for Computational Health Sciences and UCSF Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics University of California, San Francisco
Thomas Hudson Dr. Thomas Hudson Vice President, Head of Oncology Discovery and Early Development AbbVie
David Flores Mr. David Flores Founder and CEO BioCentury
Xun Xu Dr. Xun Xu Director BGI-Research
 David (Dongliang) Ge Dr. David (Dongliang) Ge President and CEO Apostle, Inc.
Hua Tu Dr. Hua Tu Chairman and CEO LakePharma
Cheni Kwok Dr. Cheni Kwok Managing Partner Linear Dreams
Gini Deshpande Dr. Gini Deshpande Founder and CEO NuMedii, Inc.
Jie Zhou Dr. Jie Zhou Partner Morrison & Foerster, LLP
Li Feng Dr. Li Feng Partner Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP
Betty H. Chen Ms. Betty H. Chen Principal Fish & Richardson
Cheng Liu Dr. Cheng Liu Founder & Chief Executive Officer Eureka Therapeutics
Baofu Ni Dr. Baofu (Paul) Ni Vice President Kelun Bo-Tai Biopharmaceutical Co.Ltd
Michael (Songzhu) An Dr. Michael (Songzhu) An Founder and CEO Curegenix
Wenfeng Xu Dr. Wenfeng Xu Associate Director Genentech
Wilson Lee Mr. Wilson Lee Director Sino-Sichuan (Chengdu) Innovation Park Development Co.
Wei Zheng Dr. Wei Zheng Chief Executive Officer Suzhou Connect Biopharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Alexis Ji Dr. Alexis Ji Partner Illumina Ventures
Vincent Xiang Dr. Vincent Xiang Partner 6 Dimensions Capital
Johnny Sun Mr. Johnny Sun Co-founder and CIO AccuraGen
 Lu Zhang Ms. Lu Zhang Associate Director Ascentage Pharma
Zhao Yang Mr. Zhao Yang President Chengdu Geunion Investment Management Co. Ltd